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Tree Trimming Services

Tree Trimming Pro has a wide array of tree trimming services. Tree trimming service is an incredibly vital aspect of proper home and agricultural maintenance. It not only make a property look well-kept and improves its value, but poor maintenance can lead to adverse effects on the property surrounding it.

Proper Tree Trimming Service Tips

It might seem intuitive that when you do hire a tree trimming company that you should have as much of the tree removed as possible to create the longest gap in between services. Unfortunately this is not the case. Proper tree service involves understanding the specific type of tree that is being trimmed and planning around it. A lot of tree will have a reaction to being "overtrimmed" and when the limbs and leaves begin to grow back they will do thicker and quicker than the last time. It is also imperative that the tree trimming service is done with the specific tree in mind; oak tree obviously differ from palm trees and the approach to trimming them should too.

Tree Trimming Service Methods

The terms below are a more scientific terminology when referring the type of tree trimming service you are having done. We have included an explanation of what each means, but your local tree trimming service professional can better guide you to the one that is right for your property:

  1. Crown Thinning: This method is used on hardwood trees. It is not a huge change in the way the tree looks from a leaves and branch perspective, but it does have significant advantages. Branches are selectively chosen for removal to allow air to move more freely through branches and promote increase lighting that will nourish the tree. It is also an effective way to remove unwanted pests that have taken refuge among the think branches. This is the most common type of tree trimming service offered
  2. Crown Raising: Just like it sounds, crown raising is the physical act of removing branches from the base of the crown of the tree to allow for more room underneath it (effectively raising the crown further from the ground). This is usually desired to allow pedestrian and vehicle traffic to pass underneath more easily.
  3. Crown Reduction: This is for more extreme cases growth where the tree in question has physically outgrown the space that it was intended for. It should be used only if other methods will not suffice because reducing the trunk of the crown can cause tree wounds that can easily lead to problems with decay.

Again, it always best to contact your local tree trimming service provider to understand more about what service is right for you.