Compare Prices on Tree Trimming Services

Tree Trimming Costs

Having your trees trimmed on a regular basis is an important part of landscaping. Not only does it keep your property looking well kept, but it also eliminates potential hazards caused by dead branches and limbs that may fall from their own weight. Tree trimming prices vary from market to market and are based on a few different factors. Below are some of the more common things that will determine how much your tree trimming service costs:

What Makes Up Tree Trimming Prices

Tree Type

The type of tree you are trimming will naturally have an effect on what the tree trimming price will be. Oak trees differ from palm tree differ from pine trees and so forth. Determine what type of tree or trees you need trimmed before calling a tree trimming company


For most of the country, there can be adverse conditions that effect a tree trimming companies ability to complete a tree trimming job. The worse the conditions typically the higher the price. A perfect example of this is immediately following a natural disaster where tree trimming and tree removal is in high demand.


As the size of the tree you are trimming increases, so to will the price

A good rule of thumb to follow when trying to determine how much a tree trimming service will cost is the longer the job will take, the more expensive it will be. Between $50-$75/hour is usually a pretty good estimation.